Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day #11 of a #30 day startup

Well, I got the site up and running over the weekend; you can find it at ChatParla. You can change the langauge wherever you are by clicking English, Deutsche or Castellano (Spanish), Registration to post comments (and threads) is fairly easy, all it needs is a valid email address. I won't now be able to work exclusively on this project, so it's no longer valid to call it a #30 day startup! Of course there are further enhancements I will make to the site over the course of time eg an admin section, log-in facility with OpenId, further formatting changes etc. Apart from my own time, the only expense I've incurred in setting this up has been a £10 domain registration; I already have some hosting space to run the site. The language switcher as set up up in Cakephp is not too difficult to reproduce on other types of site, so if you want a call-logging or a web directory that needs different language functionality, please get in contact. I hope this set of entries has been of interest.

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