Monday, April 16, 2012

Day #6 of a #30 day startup

Today I got into the essential nitty-gritty of writing a web application - allowing registration and log-ins of users, and putting in place authentification of data entry. Luckily I've done this before, and there is also a very helpful section on authorization in the cakephp documentation which makes a lot of the coding fairly straight forward, although the layouts and screen markups still need to be altered to fit screens. Initially I won't be putting restrictions on whoever can register onto the system - indeed there may not be many at all! However I am leaving status codes in the users table as there may well be hackers who create users merely to post spam - at which point I will also utilise the use of such services like Stop forum spam. As stated, to begin with I intend making registration (and consequent posting) as easy as possible. But there will be validation and sanitization of data entered - I'm not quite so reckless!

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